Marvis has been manufactured in Italy since 1958. The toothpaste, which was originally invented by the Tuscan count, Franco Cella di Rivera, is today made by the independently-run company, Ludvico Martelli, though the recipe remains the same. Toothpaste gourmets love the unrivaled minty taste, the creamy texture on the brush and the exquisite design of the tube. Even the cap of the tube has an peculiarly cute design. MDC Cosmetic on Knaackstraße 26 maintains a complete line of Marvis toothpaste in 7 flavors (Marvis Classic Strong Mint, Marvis Ginger Mint, Marvis Jasmine Mint, Marvis Cinnamon Mint, Marvis Whitening Mint, Marvis Amarelli Licorice).