Emma S

Emma S. is a Swedish skincare brand that Emma Wiklund and Nora Larssen launched in Sweden in autumn 2010. The series offers effective beauty products that keeps its promises, providing visible results and often serve several purposes. The range consists five series: Cleansing - cleanse, Moisturising - moisture, Ageless - anti-aging, Body - body and 2 parfums.

“Skincare is something that I always have been interested in and also dependent on for a successful modelling career. And now it felt like it was time to finally take hold of the skincare idea and start something of my own”, says Emma.

Emma Wiklund has a background as an international fashion model, TV host and columnist. She has also worked as a pr-consultant with the Swedish fashion retailer Lindex and has been a member of the board of Lindex. Today she works as the CEO of Emma S.

Nora Larssen has extensive business experience, among other things as a partner of the management consulting firm McKinsey and from investment- and board work.

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